Swipe SXP review

How & where can I invest in Swipe SXP?

Nobody had thought that crypto currencies have been made for just money transport and value storage, though they have grown to become one of the world leading opportunities in start-ups and new tech ideas. The total market-capitalisation of ca 250m USD at the moment of writing has Swipe SXP seen by many investors. Is it still interesting to invest in Swipe SXP? This article will help to get a better idea of Swipe SXP and might help to create a clear financially sound judgment. 

Swipe SXP review

8 out of 10

An intresting project which might help to change the payment landscape. It utalized the Ethereum smart blockchain.

Good for (day)trading*
Look & Feel
Intresting investment*


Easy to use

Sound project/used case

Good documentation


Small market cap

Team documentation

Market maturity

Risks are involved


How & Where can I trade Swipe SXP?

You can buy trade Swipe SXP at several crypto exchanges. Please read the difference between an exchange and a broker here. Basically an exchange allows you to trade and intraday trade Swipe SXP for a very low price. Below here you find our selection on the best exchanges you can trade Swipe SXP with. 


Every exchange works a bit differently on Swipe SXP though they are similar. Below here you find a quick set-up guide on how you can invest in Swipe SXP. 

  1. Open an account on a crypto exchange
  2. Fund your account with money (what is money? Read here)
  3. Select Swipe SXP
  4. Choose the amount you would like to buy Swipe SXP
  5. Hit the buy button

The exchange will match your order with an opposite order, depending on the spread and on the liquidity that might be seconds or several seconds to receive your Swipe SXP. Depending on the exchange you can transfer the Swipe SXP either to a wallet or other exchange.

How & Where can I buy and invest in Swipe SXP?

You could also buy for investment purposes Swipe SXP. We therefore recommend one of the brokers below if you want to hold your Swipe SXP for a longer period of time. That means you do not want to trade on a daily basis but would like to keep Swipe SXP for at least one week. 


What is Swipe SXP exactly?

Before you start investing in Swipe SXP it is important to get a quick overview which token we are talking about.  Swipe SXP is launched in: The Team of Swipe SXP is: If you would have invested in [DATE] the Swipe SXP, you could have seen a [%] increase.

Swipe SXP is like CRO  token. Meaning they use the Blockchain technology or the Distributed ledger technology for the infrastructure. This means That you can transfer Swipe SXP without a third party. 

The origin of the Swipe SXP is found in: As that is a longer period we could argue that the coin has a longer history. Though their market cap is much smaller than the one of  CRO.

Before you start investing in Swipe SXP you should understand the basic concept of that currency or token.What is the difference between a token and coin? Please read here.  

Swipe SXP is a Token. 

What are Swipe SXP alternatives?

Alternatives for swipe might be crypto.com they have a similar cashback and create system which helps to get some of the money back when using their services. From the user perspective swipe appears to be expensive when using it. However large exchanges such as FTX and Binance are backing the project.

Swipe a cashback token providing payment solutions

Swipe SXP is made to faciliteit transaction speed among bank-like entities such as exchanges. The project provides a platform which can be used in order to facilitate payments. They create and operate debit cards for borderless and programmable money. They support 135+ fiat currencies and are only in 30+ countries at the time of writing.

How can you invest in Swipe SXP? 

Swipe SXP is at this moment a still young coin; it does not belong to the top 20 Coins and tokens however the organization looks sound as they operate and bring services to banks or exchanges.

Top tier clients behind the organization of Swipe SXP are: Binance and FTX at the time of writing.

What are the risks on Swipe SXP? 

It is very important that you invest wisely. Riscs are everywhere and can be just around the corner. The same risks as with every other share or financial product are present. The risks of the coin are considered less as several organizations utilize their product, the Swipe platform. That helps for a stable client base. Read their disclaimer to learn more. 

Research and follow their socials in order to see what is going on in their company and to see sudden changes. As always we can safely say, never never invest funds into Swipe SXP if you can not afford to lose. Read our article on financial planning here. 

Therefore only use a small share of the fund you have in order to invest. We can not stress enough that money is a difficult construct and that some people might have issues with it. In the case you have problems please consult a professional. Look for websites such as: NHS for help.

Features of  Swipe SXP token?

The features of Swipe are 135+ supported Fiat currencies and it is axcepted on almost all cyrpto exchanges.

Is Swipe a good investment?

Based on the research and the paper it is very sounding and does not appear to be illicit However make your own research!

Is Swipe a token or Coin?

Wipe is a token and runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Is swipe DeFi?

Swipe intends to create a project called Swipe network, which should be part of the Defi protocol ecosystem. SXP wallets will serve as access points to its ecosystem. These wallets will be used for storing and managing assets.

How good is Swipe?

Last but not least we will discuss a bit of the tech features of the Swipe SXP. Concerning the spec you need to look at Swipe SXP like a token: It uses a smart blockchain meaning you could use wallets such as Metmask.

The Coin/token runs on the Ethereum smart blockchain.

Houdt de kracht van het netwerk goed in de gaten. In het verleden was het netwerk van Swipe SXP niet erg sterk, waardoor deze makkelijk te hacken was.

Het is wanneer je in Swipe SXP wilt beleggen belangrijk om er rekening mee te houden dat de oprichters onvoorspelbaar zijn. In 2014 hebben ze het maximale aantal DOGE van 100 miljard bijvoorbeeld veranderd naar oneindig. Het is dan ook maar de vraag hoe deze cryptomunt zich in de toekomst gaat ontwikkelen..

Verwachting van Swipe SXP? 

Stable and sound growth for the next few years.* -> risk warning.

What are our use case expectations on Swipe SXP?

It appears to be a sound and well established project*. Therefore we could say that it might be a choice to put into your portfolio. White paper can be found here: https://swipe.org/Whitepaper.pdf

[H3] How can you (day)trade in Swipe SXP?

Though Swipe SXP belongs to a smaller group of coins as the market cap seems rather small, however we have seen in the past that Swipe SXP has attractive spread and a decent volume. Booths are important for day trading and make it imperative if you want to utilize automatic triaging for Swipe SXP. We recommend the following trade bot platforms for Swipe SXP automatic trading:

[tradebot platforms]

Every tradebot or automatic algo platform works differently However the basis is the same. Though if you never have set-up an account and work with API’s that might be a bit challenging

  1. Go to your exchange
  2. Create an API-key (name it like the bot platform)
  3. Make sure you follow up the security emails (validate you API key)
  4. Make sure you have founds on your exchange account
  5. Make sure your API is set to “see funds” and “may execute trade”
  6. Copy your API and private API-key
  7. Paste these to the tradebot platform
  8. Start you first automatic algos.

Links to the Swipe SXP project.

Swipe.org Swipe.io coinmarketcap.com /currencies/swipe/project-info

Twitter of swipe