Find a stable an reliable exchange for daily trading. Therefore we wrote a Bitvavo review. Especially if you use a trade bot or multiexchange interface it is important to understand if the exchange of your

EU-based exchange situated in Amsterdam, with a very inexpensive fee-structure. It lacks USD and BTC trading pairs and has not many API connections with other tools

Ease of Use
Look & Feel


Easy to use

Good tier structure

24/7 service



No BTC/USD pairs

Limited on API calls



What is great Bitvavo?

Bitvavo started off as a broker but shifted to an exchange as of early 2018. With the main aim to bring the world of traditional finance closer to the world of digital assets.
Located in the city center of Amsterdam, Bitvavo is constantly seeking to improve its platform to attract more customers and offer a better user experience towards crypto enthusiasts and (professional) traders. Over the last few years Bitvavo saw immense growth and is aiming to become of the leading crypto currency exchanges within Europe.

Start trading crypto currencies by one of the leading exchanges in Europe

As mentioned earlier Bitvavo initially started as a broker but shifted to become the leading crypto currency exchange within the BENELUX. Facilitating its users to trade against one and other while still offering a broker like experience. The rapid growth of the company did not go unnoticed Bitvavo won the CashCow Awards’ “Best Crypto Broker (2021) and the “Most Popular Website of the Year” Award from The Web Awards (2021). As of writing Bitvavo has over 1 million active users on their platform and is active in 27 countries within Europe.

Is Bitvavo something for my trading?

Bitvavo is making crypto trading accessible for everyone, there is no knowledge required before starting. The onboarding process will last a few minutes, once completed one can enjoy the intuitive platform right away.

Bitvavo is officially registered with the DNB (Dutch Central Bank) as a provider of digital assets according to their website. The fact that Bitvavo is complying with the required regulatory framework shows that they are trustful and a transparent organization. This approach ensured the inflow of thousands of customers as well as an increase in institutional demand. Bitvavo is well known for its reliability and top-notch customer support.

Bitvavo features USP’s

  • User Experience. The user experience is something that stands out, one is able to experience that from the beginning. The onboarding process, everyday trading, to the contact with customer support. Bitvavo is designed to make crypto trading as easy as possible, if you are a beginner or expert.
  • Regulation. The fact that Bitvavo is complying with the Dutch Central Bank acknowledges that they are a trustful and transparent organization.
  • Staking. Bitvavo offers their customers the possibility to stake certain crypto currencies in a flexible manner. Therefore, customers are able to earn passively while still having the freedom to unlock the staked coins if desired. 
  • A wide variety of assets. Currently Bitvavo offers 155+ crypto currencies, while increasing this amount on a monthly base, Bitvavo aims to become a one-stop-shop for its customers.
  • API. A stable API offers traders the possibility to automatically trade or retrieve information about certain cryptocurrencies that are listed on Bitvavo. Through the usage of an API the user/trader can execute trades based on signals or strategies, without the emotion component.
  • Transparent fee structure. Bitvavo offers a transparent fee structure, based on a 30-day volume, the more one is trading the lower amount of fees one has to pay.
  • Security. Bitvavo is a crypto exchange that is never been hacked. The majority of crypto currencies are stored in cold wallets. In addition, Bitvavo stores data sensitive information in vaults of the highest security category possible. In addition, customers have the possibility to enable 2FA and anti-phishing code to ensure optimal security for their account.

  Key information Bitvavo 

Type of ServiceCryptocurrency Exchange
Regulation & LicensingYes, regulated by DNB Dutch Central Bank
Clients Accepted from27+ EU Countries 
Assets Offered155+ Cryptocurrencies (digital assets)

Overview Bitvavo

At Bitvavo, crypto traders will love the expansive asset range offered, asset-backed trading, flexible fee schedule, and strong security features. We will discuss each of these highlights below. 

Wide variety of cryptocurrencies to be trading

In the fast pace crypto currency industry, new projects are launching every day, however, not all of them will make it. Bitvavo offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies on their platform, from big well-known projects to more unknown and up-and coming projects. This offers traders the possibility to invest, trade, deposit and withdrawal their favorite cryptocurrency. Bitvavo has been actively listing new coins over the past few months, as a respond to the demand!


As touched on earlier, the fact that Bitvavo is officially registered with the Dutch Central Bank shows that the organization is responsible and transparent. This fosters trust amongst new and existing customers as well as institutional parties. According to their website Bitvavo will undergo all the necessary requirements to comply with the regulatory framework. 

User experience Bitvavo

Bitvavo offers an intuitive platform that is easy to use for all. If you are just starting with trading in cryptocurrencies or when you have years of experience. Bitvavo recently launched their new app, which is secure and easy to use. The advanced panel will most likely be used by the more advanced traders. Bitvavo offers a wide variety of order types that traders can utilize for their strategies. All in all Bitvavo has a sleek design where one can navigate through without any hassle. 

Security Bitvavo 
  • User protection. Customers have the possibility to enable two-factor-authentication, anti-phishing code, new device confirmation.
  • Reliable platform. As mentioned before, Bitvavo has never been hacked due to the fact that the organization takes security of the organization as number 1 priority. In addition, the organization has advanced logging and monitoring, employees are screened and audits as well as penetration tests are held frequently.
  • Cold storage: Most assets will be stored in cold storage in order to ensure optimal security for its users.
  • Vaults. Critical is stored in vaults that have the highest possible security category within the Netherlands. 
  • Multi-Signature. High amounts can only be verified by a strict set of individuals and require approval from multiple individuals in order to decrease risk.  

Security is one if not the highest priority for Bitvavo, hence why the exchange saw immense growth over the last couple of year, which makes it now the leading crypto currency exchange within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Moreover, we expect Bitvavo to keep on growing and therefore gain more traction within Europe as a result. Their security features are listed below:

Bitvavo as trading exchange platform

Bitvavo has built its own platform during this process they kept the importance of security and user experience in mind. The fact that the platform is built in-house ensures the developers an extensive amount of flexibility.

Bitvavo serves currently over 1 million customers, has a trading volume of 10 billion over the last 30 days and supports 27 countries within the European Union. The crypto exchange scores a 4.2 out of 5 reviewed by more than 12k users. The organization responds to customers on the platform to retrieve vital information to either improve their services or to inform customers.

Bitvavo positive reviews

After going over an extensive amount of reviews one can conclude that the vast majority of its users is very positive about the crypto currency exchange: 

  • TrustPilot: 4.2/5
Bitvavo regulation

Bitvavo Pros & Cons

Bitvavo is officially registered with the DNB showing that they are compliant to the regulatory framework. This fosters trust for its users.


  • User experience
  • Security
  • Wide variety of crypto currencies
  • Transparent fees
  • Deep liquidity


  • No BTC/ETH trading pairs
  • Limitations in the advanced panel
  • No academy

Final Thoughts on BITVAVO for trade bots and (day)trading

Bitvavo Contact Info

Address:  Herengracht 450, 1017CA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Email:  Phone: No incoming phone support
BITVAVO is a licensed cryptocurrency broker that provides a wide range of trading pairs.

Image of the various crypto pairs that can be traded using the BITVAVO exchange and the average spread for each one

Bitvavo is situated in The Netherlands

One of the few trust worthy exchanges based in the EU.

Alt text: Image of the various forex pairs that can be traded using the BITVAVO platform and the average spread for each one.


Q: How do I contact the support team?

A: You can contact the support team through live chat, available on business days from 10:00 till 17:00 or by sending an email to

Q: How can I optimize the security of my account? 

A: You can enable 2FA, anti-phishing code, biometrics and in addition Bitvavo has a variety of tips on how to ensure optimal security of your account.

Q: How does Staking work on Bitvavo?

A: You only need to enable staking on your account, there is no fixed time period, you will remain in charge of your assets and you can quit the staking possibility at any time.

All in all Bitvavo has an extensive list of frequently asked questions displayed on: one is able to find answers to questions that one might have. Moreover, their support is considered quick and straight forward. So, if you have any questions you can always contact them as described above.