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Simply copy and paste here your wallet you want to check, than choose your blockchain.

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easy Eth and btc block explorer

How does Block-explorer works?

A block explorer looks into the blockchain in this case the Ethereum and bitcoin blockchain. A blockexplorer has a direct confection with a sentinel node on which the whole blockchain is stored.

Why is a this block explorer helpful?

With a block explorer you are able to see if your transaction has been correctly sent and also accredited. You can also use a block explorer to see how much on a address is accredited.

What purpose has a block explorer?

It is a very easy tool to check if the amount of your funds. Meaning you see how much on your or another person wallet.

If you want to know if your transaction went through? This simple block explorer will help you.

Our simple block explorer gives you the chance to see and look into the Bitcoin blockchain and helps you to see into the Ethereum blockchain.

explanation of our blockchain explorer.

Our Blockchain explorer

We build an easy and very simplified blockchain explorer for the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.