Find & compare trade platforms & other crypto tools

A team of 4 specialists have reviewed and checked trade plaforms on which trade bots and trade algorithems have been..

Objective review

A team of 4 people are checking all reviewed exchanges, tradebots, VPNs and other crypto tools.

Easy to understand

We use easy to understand language. Sentences are short and industry terminology is used as less a s possible.

Fast overview

Our website is designed as such so you do not need to search as long as you would on others.

Trade bots

Learn everything about trade bot platforms thus automatic trading environment. On which you can setup automatic software which lets you inject trade orders even without being online.

Exchange reviews

We have put much effort to understand which exchange is the most easy one to connect with either an trade bot or multiexchange interface.

Cryptowatch one of the few

Multi Exchange Dashboards

One Dashboard but several exchanges? great for abitrage. However you need to check first which exchanges offer a fast API to connect your interface.

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